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What is the VRN Bikenbox?

The VRN Bikebox offers the possibility to park your bike safely. If you have rented a box on the homepage for the period of your choice, you will receive a personal access code that will allow you to use your VRN Bikebox.

During the rental period you will receive your own parking space in the box, which you do not have to share with other users. Your bike is stored in a clean and dry place. The VRN Bikebox is also much more resistant to vandalism and theft than a freely accessible parking space.

The profile registration in the booking portal does not work

After you have entered your personal data for profile registration, an e-mail will be sent to you automatically to confirm your e-mail address. Please also check your spam folder. If you cannot find an e-mail in your spam folder either, please contact us and we will confirm your profile manually. You can then make your booking.

The payment doesn't work

Payment can be made within 45 minutes of booking.

  • Please register for this under My Bikebox.
  • Click on "My orders".
  • If payment is still possible, the "pay" button will appear during the booking process.
  • After 45 minutes and no payment has been made, the order will be automatically deleted.
  • Please book again!

PayPal Plus is our service provider for all payment methods. Our programmers inside the booking platform have no influence on what happens at the service provider. The best thing to do is to ask PayPal directly why your account was not accepted. Unfortunately we are not allowed to do this for you due to data protection reasons.

On this page you will find the contact details of PayPal:


Useful information:

  • you can try to open the website with a different browser
  • it could be that your antivirus software blocks our payment provider
  • you can try to open the website with a different device

The door of the system does not open

Once you have received your access data / QR-Code, you must register once at the control element for each booking period. You can then open the door. Proceed as follows:

  • Enter key # --> Then scann the QR-Code or enter the complete access data, e.g:
  • Valid until date: 20180815
  • Number: 002
  • PIN: 5678
  • Checksum: 54812

To open the system, scan the QR-Code or enter your number and PIN directly without preselecting a key, e.g .:

  • number: 002
  • PIN: 5678

What happens if I exceed the rental period and pick up the bike too late without prior extension?

The door does not open automatically. The box will be released on the booking platform for booking for everyone again and can be booked by someone else. If the bicycle is still inside, it can be found by the renter. This person should contact us directly in this case. If another place is available at the desired location, the person who subsequently rents can book it and will be reimbursed the rental fee for the first booking.

As long as no other user has booked, the door can be opened again after the rental period has expired.

A reminder email will be sent as soon as the booking can be extended. More information can be found under FAQ in the question "How can I extend a booking?".